There are many natural characteristics about merino wool that give you a great distinct advantage over other synthetic fibers.


Let's have a look at each of the key attributes of merino.



Merino has a natural resistance against odor and microbes. This means that you can wear it longer without having to worry about unpleasant smells. Poly-based fabrics require yucky antimicrobial coatings whereas merino does this naturally. Since microbes can not live well in merino, studies show a reduction in problems like skin irritation. For most people merino is hypoallergenic, even in cases where users are normally allergic to wool. You will feel fresh and relaxed in merino.


Natural Elasticity

Merino365 clothing has naturally flexible ability to stretch and adjust to your body movements. You can breathe easily in merino clothing, even if it is tight on your body it is not restrictive. Merino will keep you feeling comfortable for longer when doing things like hiking, running, or any other activity.


Fire Resistant

Merino does not catch fire quickly. If merino clothing does catch fire, it can put out the flame on its own (self-extinguish). It has the natural ability to insulate against high degrees of temperature. In fact, Firemen, police, soldiers, and rescue teams are known to wear Merino wool clothing because of its natural fire protection.

Biodegradable and Renewable

When a merino sheep is shorn they are back to happily feeding on grass within no time at all. Merino is completely renewable. Because merino is a natural fine wool, it is totally biodegradable and will break down completely in a fraction of the time other textiles take. The landfills are full of old clothes and rubbish that will not breakdown. At Merino365 we do not want to contribute to any more trash than is necessary.


Controlled Felting

Merino wool undergoes a finishing treatment of an all naturally-controlled felting process. This treatment makes merino wool strong, increases its thickness, and reduces passage of air through merino clothing. Because of the reduction in airflow you will feel warmer longer.


UV Resistant

Merino365 190gsm layers has the UPF rating of 25. The UPF rating of midweight and expedition layers of merino is 50+. So, if you are wearing our merino wool clothing, you don't have to worry about getting a sunburn on a sunny day while trekking.


Sheathes When Wet

Merino wool clothing has the natural ability to insulate you when wet much better than any synthetic materials or cotton. It can absorb 40% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet. This will help you feel warm and dry in our merino clothes even if you are technically “wet”.


Wicks Moisture

Merino absorbs the sweat or moisture on your body and this helps to regulate the volume of moisture on your skin. Then it releases the absorbed moisture into the air. It helps greatly in preventing hypothermia.


Odor Resistant

Since merino absorbs moisture and releases it into the atmosphere, you will face less problems with being sweaty. We all know that the longer sweat hangs around, the more likely your friends and partners will not want to be around you. Merino naturally rejects bacteria.