Merino, the Best Outdoor Apparel for Fishing and Hunting

When it comes to outdoor clothing merino beats the other textiles at their own game. Merino has tons of multipurpose attributes and practicality. Merino under layers, fleece, and midweigh-wear has changed the way people view wool and the thought that it is only for cold weather conditions. You can wear merino 365 days of the year and of course we do. It is ideal for all outdoor activities but, fishing and hunting are a couple favorites in most parts of the world.  What you wear, makes you more comfortable when enjoying the outdoors.  Merino is the best outdoor apparel for fishing and hunting.

motuopa new zealand fishing with merino

Merino for Fishing and Hunting Activity

We are outdoor people and love fishing and hunting. Back in the day I used to wear nylon and cotton, but I was a kid then and didn't know any better. It is funny how you don't know what you don't know and it is not until someone shows you something better that you then realize how crappy your equipment is.

Then came the Army-Navy store craze. Granted, I was only young and most of the shopping was done by my parents, but it was at these stores that I first discovered polypropylene. It was great compared to the cotton 'long-johns' I had that were always soaked. It was not long before I found out that wool kept you warm even when wet and then that there was this amazing wool called merino. Well, you get the rest.

So why is merino so great for hunting and fishing

Merino fabric has an incredible moisture absorb and release ability.  Research has proven that the absorption properties of merino is at least 35%. What that means is that is can be 35% soaked before it even feels wet. We have even heard that it can be 40% wet before it even feels wet to the touch. Polyester on the other hand feels wet to the touch at 1% moisture and cotton at 24%. 

In contrast to synthetic and cotton materials, you can wear merino for days during fishing or hunting and still smell fine. This is actually a good way to tell whether or not you have bought real quality merino or not. If it stinks and does not improve by itself when hung up then you have probably been ripped off. 

 Merino of course is also unlike other wool. Our Merino 365 is never more than 21 (usually 18.5 or less) micron and when you wear it your skin does not feel scratchy.

Merino for Fishing

Merino, the Good Lifestyle Changer

Merino just makes life better. Sure it is more expensive than cotton, but when you look at how brands are selling micro fleece and man-made fabrics for the same cost of merino it is a real no-brainer. Plus it is really no comparison. It is apples and oranges even comparing anything to merino. So spend more time on the boat, in the field, or in the tree-stand with Merino 365