Merino fabric has versatile features that makes you feel comfortable any time of the year. It is lightweight, soft, long-lasting. This fabric is breathable, warm, flexible and the characteristics can go on and on. Merino wool's superior moisture management is an important feature. Let's see how this property of merino keeps you comfortable.

Moisture Absorption and Desorption


Merino wool absorbs and releases moisture at the same time. This fabric has hydrophilic tendency. The amino acids, which are the building blocks of merino fiber, absorb water molecules into its structure. This prevents you from feeling wet if you are wearing merino clothing. This is the moisture absorption part.


After merino absorbs moisture, it moves it out of its micro-pores. The release of moisture is a process called desorption. At the time of loss of moisture it has absorbed, merino wool takes up heat.

These moisture absorption and desorption processes offers great functional features to merino wool clothes. Just say, suppose you are in an increased body activity like hiking or running, you sweat a lot. In such a case, merino wool acts as a buffer. It quickly absorbs the extra moisture and loss it gradually. You can breathe easily in merino garments.You don't feel damp and sticky at all. It will keep you fresh and rejuvenated.

The Perfect All Weather Clothing

Even in cold weather merino fibers go through a natural heating process. It retains a small amount of moisture in its structure. This keeps you warm. In hot climatic conditions it takes the moisture away from the body. Merino clothes gives a cooling effect to your skin in hot weather.  These moisture management properties make merino garments wearable for any time of the year and occasion. You can dress up in merino for office or activities like running, walking, hiking or biking.

Polyester Based Clothing is Inferior

Merino's natural moisture management quality is amazing. It is completely natural and sustainable. Merino is not at all like the synthetic garments. Poly-fibers absorb less water. They keep sweat against your skin and reduce the comfort factor. Synthetic garments gives you a yucky, irritable experience.Fine merino that is 21 micron and below, in comparison with synthetic fabrics, feels amazing all the time.

Merino fabrics keeps your sweat down. It does not give you scratchy skin. Merino wool cools you down in hot conditions. When cold, it gives you the warmth. Merino is an all in one fabric. You are buying something that will keep you comfortable any time. Be it day or night. Be it summer, winter, rain, or spring.