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Merino is the best fabric on earth. The fact that it is naturally perfect is a testiment to the power of nature.

We are obviously merino fanatics.

To disprove the myth that merino is like other wool and that this wool can only be worn in cool temperatures when insulation is necessary; our family set out to wear merino 365 days in the year.

Merino is incredibly versatile.

Wearing merino everyday was easy and proved most of our hypothesis'. Albeit anecdotal, the fabric proves to have just as many benefits in the warmer months as the cooler months.

This set us on the track to make more merino products to share with like-minded outdoor enthusiast men and women. Many brands focus on a certain segment of outdoor sport and lifestyle, merino365 does not.

The merino fabric is the star of merino365.

For us it is not about merino just for hiking, trekking, cycling, hunting, fishing, snowboarding, skiing, etc; it is about the power and versatility of natures most amazing fiber.



On and off for the last 15 years we have worked in various segments of the rag trade, but what really drives us is making functional, beneficial product. We simply love making things and sharing them with as many people as possible.

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The outdoors is almost custom made for humans, but even as perfect as the earth is, we have to prepare for the elements of the day. Wearing merino helps keep you more comfortable on any journey. So whether you are hiking the Long Trail, Fishing off the Oregon coast, slashing powder in Utah, or scaling Mt Cook in New Zealand; merino will keep you comfortable, longer.